Our completely customizable (In-House) Tablet puts total control in the hands of those who need it.

We have the unique in house capability of developing a completely customized multi-use tablet that can be integrated with the intrusion alarm system, access control system, security camera system, mass communication system, and intercom system for total integrated control on one platform. We develop customized reports, vehicle/trailer and visitor logs, and automate the log in procedures sending all information into one data base in real time. Together with our clients, we customize every detail of this dynamic device. Our own "Auto Sentry" program option allows our security officers to scan drivers and guests drivers licenses which parses the data onto the log in form, take photos of trailor seals and attach, and notify operations personnel of the arrival of cargo all while excellerating the log in time. 

Tablet Security Mockups

Our Integrated Tablet allows security personnel to:

  • Unlock/lock doors individually, in groups, or activate a total emergency facility lock down
  • Monitor the real time status of doors, gates, motion, beams, and thermostats and other devices
  • Monitor live cameras, review recorded video, forward video clips to management or law enforcement personel 
  • Receice live video alerts or video clips of events via custom event triggers
  • Receive alarm alert notifications such as opened/propped doors, motion detection, and temperature alarms
  • Intercom communications with gates, doors, or office and warehouse personnel
  • Complete customized incident or activity reports and submit for immediate availability 
  • Take and attach photos or video to reports or send independently
  • Complete customized automated access control logs and submit in real time 
  • Scan Driver’s License and parse data into entrance log form to speed up log in/out procedures
  • Take photos of trailer numbers, vehicle tags, and seals and attach to logs
  • Submit forms, logs, reports, and photos for immediate access by security, operations, or management personnel
  • Activate and contral Mass Notification System

We have changed the way access control logs and reports are stored and reviewed. We have even integrated our tablet with shipping and receiving operations to notify warehouse personnel of the arrival or departure of trailers. We are only limited with this integration by your imagination.