Our selected 360° camera is a fixed dome network camera featuring a 12-megapixel resolution sensor with superb image quality. Equipped with a fisheye lens for 360° surround view (ceiling/wall mount) or 180° panoramic view (wall mount). Our camera is able to provide coverage of wide open spaces such as warehouses and parking lots. They are perfect for hall way and isle intersections as they provide in all directions. They also equipped with a built in microphone, an additional audio input for a remote microphone, and an audio line output for two way voice capability.

360 degree camera

A single strategically placed 360° camera can replace multiple cameras covering a large area, while eliminating blind spots.. What makes this technology more dynamic is the viewing and playback capabilities. With one 360° camera you can establish up to 20 preset views on a viewing monitor for simultaneous viewing or playback. You have the option to view a single playback area with ePTZ control, up to 20 preset viewing areas all with linked or individual ePTZ control, as well as single or dual panoramic viewing. Single or group preset views can also be established for event viewing. If motion or any other event occurs, a single or group of preset views can be displayed instantly for immediate viewing and response by security personnel.

The built in IR LEDs enable the camera to provide 360° illumination for clear viewing up to 10 meters; even in completely dark environments.

We have successfully integrated these cameras with multiple VMS (video management systems), taking full advantage of the various analytic capabilities and interactive display functions. We have also successfully integrated with building controls, manufacturing, and production equipment, providing triggered instant live monitoring or queued pre and post triggered event video clips for immediate review by maintenance or production personnel.

Over the past year we have installed and integrated nearly 100 of these cameras, and have come to understand the do's and dont's involving this technology. We understand its strengths and weaknesses.

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